Infrared LED Facial Mask

Infrared LED Facial Mask

Infrared LED Facial Mask

Because of traumas, inflammation or ageing, skin cells lose their ability to actively renew.

Developed by NASA, LED therapy is a perfect solution.

LED therapy relies on the skin’s ability to absorb light and convert it into energy.

This energy, in turn, causes certain reactions in the skin cells – it accelerates the recovery processes, stimulates the production of collagen, increases elasticity, fights bacteria, evens out skin tone and gets rid of toxins.

How did LED therapy become popular?

The popularity of LED therapy was largely facilitated by the celebrities, when they began to actively share the results in their photos.

The skin looks healthier and more radiant after just one treatment! No wonder, why they love to do LED therapy before going out on the red carpet.

The skin can use light for its health and beauty by absorbing it when using the light therapy method.

Under the influence of certain wavelengths of light, radiation in the skin cells, energetic recharging occurs, active cytokines are released and the reactions of cellular immunity are stimulated.

The therapeutic effect of photodynamic therapy is based on accelerating the healing and renewal of the skin, increasing the level of metabolic processes, activating the energy of cells and stimulating the skin’s immunity.

This method is recommended by dermatologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons around the world as one of the safest methods of skincare.

Indications for the use of LED Light therapy:

– acne;

– hypersensitive skin;

– rosacea;

– premature skin ageing;

– reduction of skin tone;

– pigment spots;

– eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis.

LED light colors – a single color to achieve a specific result

Red color is used when it is necessary to treat ageing skin (So basically, this is a therapy for mature women).

Improvement of blood circulation and metabolism of the dermis, which are triggered by this LED, leads to skin rejuvenation, increases tone and elasticity.

For a calming effect, green is used, which is able to restore skin balance.

For healing properties and anti-inflammatory effect, blue color is used, which is indispensable in caring for problematic dermis.

Yellow is used, the task of which is to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Light blue is intended for the care of super dry dermis.

White, also considered as an excellent anti-stress agent.

And purple, which is able to remove toxins and has a relaxing effect on the dermis.

Benefits of LED Facial Mask or why should I choose it?

You may notice, and quite rightly, that other cosmetic procedures also give a noticeable rejuvenating effect.

However, LED therapy has an important and indisputable advantage – minimal thermal tissue damage while achieving the maximum bio stimulating effect.

This is because LED therapy eliminates ultraviolet rays, leaving only “beneficial light” to be exposed.

So, under the influence of rays, in a short period of time, your skin improves its color, become more toned and reduce the number of fine wrinkles.

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