Eye and Lip Massager Wand with LED light

Eye and Lip Massager Wand with LED light

Eye and Lip Massager Wand with LED light

Comprehensive skin care for your eyes and lips at home is real!

After 25 years, many women develop wrinkles, dark circles and bags in the area of ​​the eyes and lips, the skin loses elasticity, becomes flabby.

Wrinkles in the eyes and lips area are very difficult to treat, because this area requires delicate and gentle care.

In addition, wrinkles in this area are usually caused by two reasons: withering of the skin associated with lack of nutrition and hydration, and spasm of facial muscles.

Eye and Lip Massager Wand with LED light became a simple and convenient tool for maintaining beauty and effective self-care at home.

It combines high-frequency massage and heat exposure to revitalize and relax the delicate skin under the eyes and around the lips, relieve fatigue and remove painful sensations, giving it a fresher and healthier look.

The massager will be especially useful for those who spend a long time in front of a computer or have trouble sleeping.

Moreover, it is shaped like a lipstick. The device is so small that it can be carried in a bag or backpack, making it even more user-friendly!

Why LED therapy is so important?

Made for photodynamic therapy, the procedure helps to launch powerful regenerative processes: it stimulates the production of lipids, amino acids and protein molecules.

As a result, the skin becomes even and smooth, dark circles and wrinkles disappear.

Is radiation from this device is safe?

Not only it’s safe but also beneficial for the body.

Infrared rays provide soft heating of tissues to a considerable depth, increase the level of cell saturation with nutrition and oxygen.

Stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes, activates collagen formation, strengthens and tightens weakened tissues.

LED light relieves spasms of facial muscles, helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles, has a preventive effect.

Main effects of using the device

– Boosts collagen and elastin production

– Rejuvenates the skin

– Relieves swelling

– Restores capillary tone

– Lightens age spots

– Improves complexion

– Increases skin firmness and elasticity

You can be sure that infrared waves will help to restore the elasticity of the facial skin, get rid of wrinkles, remove puffiness, and of course restore your beauty and youth.

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