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We are owned and operated by a team of passionate people located in Australia.  We thoroughly love what we do and we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality at the best possible prices!

If you need a particular piece or style we either have it or we can source it for you. We believe in personalised service, quality and integrity and our online showroom provides our clients access to our vast product ranges.

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The choices that we make affect everything around us, ourselves, others, and the world at large. I believe that living better today ensures us the opportunity to live a better tomorrow. 

My name is Vanessa, and I am the founder of Gluten Free Cravings! An accountant by profession. A dreamer. A hard worker. A food lover. Someone who believes that there is nothing you cannot do without putting your heart and soul into it. Someone who is passionate about people and its well-being. Someone who strives at all times to drive results, aiming to inspire and impact people’s lives positively for a better tomorrow. Someone who sees the world as one thing that connects us all, that we are all part of this growth, that our choices today affect ourselves and our future.

Gluten Free Cravings is the culmination of a whole lot of planning and dreaming. Our vision is to help change the world by inspiring people to have healthy lifestyle and sensible choices in food; and be able to help others to take better care of themselves…and that’s when Gluten Free Cravings was founded!

At Gluten Free Cravings, we don’t just believe in our products; we also believe in you!

You are a strong, capable individual that has the power to be the person of who you are; and we want to support you to that journey.

We believe in everyone’s potential to make a difference.  We strive to inspire people to make the right choices about their diets and their lifestyles; and we believe that choice starts with you!

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